Hi There! I'M Jo, the heart and  soul behind the Windblown Widow,


a sanctuary where recently widowed empty nesters find solace, strength, and a path to soar with their grief. My journey through widowhood, coupled with the challenge of an empty nest, has taught me the profound strength of adaptability, the beauty of connectedness, and the power of strategic thinking. These lessons, along with my passion for input and intellection, fuel my mission to guide souls through the complexities of loss, helping them to reclaim their lives with grace and empowerment.

As a Dog Mom

I've found joy and companionship in the paws of my furry friend, who reminds me daily of the importance of presence and unconditional love. Together, we navigate the ups and downs of life, finding comfort in the little moments and the big adventures.

my approach...

...is all about Empowered Resilience, Joyful Independence, Creative Exploration, and Inspiring Transformations. Whether it's transforming grief into growth, embracing solo living with joy, discovering new passions, or sharing transformational stories, I'm here to support your journey every step of the way.

With a foundation in the therapeutic qualities of essential oils, starting with the doTERRA Aroma Essentials Collection, I weave the power of aroma into our journey together, enhancing our ability to adapt, find balance, and embrace serenity in our everyday lives.

Join me

on this heart-led journey where we do more than just navigate our grief—we transform it into our greatest strength. 

Together, we'll embark on a path of discovery, creating businesses that not only provide financial independence but also allow me to live as my best self. In this space, your dreams will take flight, supported by a community that understands your journey and a guide who's walked the same path. Let's build something beautiful from our losses, embracing our new beginnings with courage, creativity, and the joy of living true to ourselves.